Landscaping Services Ottawa

Our garden services are offered across the Ottawa region and focus on both one-time transformations and regular maintenance.

Core services offered include:

Mulch, supply and application: We stock the highest quality Composted Pine Mulch, which we can deliver in bulk or deliver and apply for you.

Garden design and installation: We are expert, experienced garden designers. We ensure that annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs are planted in the most appropriate and artistic manner.

Shrub removal: We are very experienced at removing even the largest of overgrown shrubs, but do bear in mind that no project is too small, also.

Garden Transformation: Improving the appearance of your property is what we do, whilst lowering maintenance to the least it can be.

Small tree felling: Most smaller trees are within our realms of felling and removal. Ask us for a free consultation.

Sodding: Laying sod is not as simple as many think. We are experts and professionals in sod renewal.

Riverstone and Peastone: Enhancing the appearance of your property, and reducing maintenance too.

Fall garden cleanups:  We can have even the largest of fall cleanups professionally completed in record time.

Disease identification and eradication: If you suspect a problem, call us in!

Regular garden maintenance: We can easily visit your property as frequently or as infrequently as you require. Our professional, experienced team will take care of everything for you.


Contact us to discuss your garden project; we offer free consultations.