Garden Transformations

This goes hand-in-hand with shrub removal. We are often asked to address overgrown or untidy gardens, usually ones that have been neglected for some time.

Before commencing, we meet with you to determine your requirements and will generate an estimate and proposal. We then carry out whatever is necessary in order to optimise beautification and minimise maintenance.


We pride ourselves in generating innovative and artistic solutions which also keep your costs down and take as little time as possible to complete.


Some before-and-after comparisons of our past work:

Believe it or not, these are photos of the same area. The “Before” photo shows an ornamental garden that had been neglected. We dug out all of the weeds, then dug around the roots of two large Pine trees, to expose the roots in an artistic way.

We then added topdressing soil, leveled and graded the area, then fitted sod. Walkways were weeded, a vegetable garden was added, and many other transformative tasks were carried out.

This garden was overrun with weeds, and had no pathway. Once the new pathway was installed, we thoroughly weeded the extensive beds and removed inappropriate and overgrown plant material.

We then designed a new garden for the whole of the space along the side and in the back. Initially, we suggested Riverstone borders and, once installed, we thought it would be a large improvement to break up the vast area of Riverstone with a row of flowering perennials.