Fitting of Riverstone and Peastone

This usually requires removal of the sod, followed by leveling and grading. Then, high quality landscaping fabric is fitted before applying the stone. Many different sizes of Riverstone and Peastone are available. Sometimes, the best option may be to have two sizes in an artistic design.

Lawn grass often does not grow well against a building, and so a popular upgrade is to remove a strip of grass, between 30cms and 60cms wide. We then fit high quality landscaping fabric and apply Riverstone or Peastone, based upon the client’s preferences.

The use of Riverstone or Peastone is an economical method to enhance appearance, install a patio or just reduce maintenance.

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Some examples of our previous work:

This was a small area of lawn which was in poor condition and in an area difficult to reach with a mower.

We used a combination of the larger Riverstone, and the smallest Peastone, to give some contrast and to make the design more interesting.




This was a very shaded area, which had been given fresh sod the year before. All of the fresh sod died. The client wanted some inexpensive elegance to the front of the house, in preparation for putting the house on the market.

We removed the sod, fitted high quality landscaping fabric, then installed a design that incorporated large Riverstone and small Peastone. The client later placed a bench in the large circle of Peastone, then added floral planters, and some yard art.


This is an example of how lawn grass tends not to grow well when adjacent to a building.

As a result, we removed the sod from alongside this house, then carefully fitted a high quality landscaping fabric, and then applied Riverstone, with a few carefully-chosen perennials within the Riverstone bed.