Mulch: Supply and Application

We can apply Composted Pine Mulch to your garden beds and are happy to apply other types of mulches as well.

Our Composted Pine Mulch is of the highest quality, having gone through a seven year composting process. This kills weed seeds in the mulch and enriches the mulch with Nitrogen, which is ideal for your plants and trees.

It therefore provides slow release fertilization. Composted Pine Mulch should ideally be topped-up annually, although sometimes it decomposes slower and requires topping up less frequently.

Mulch which is not composted will rob Nitrogen from the soil. This isn’t a problem where you have no plants or trees (such as with a mulch path, or a large area of mulch that has no ornamentals growing in it).

However, plants and trees will suffer if they are planted among mulch that is not composted.

Fresh mulch (i.e., not composted and not dyed) is likely to have tree sap within it, and this will leach through into the soil. Tree sap is detrimental to plant growth.

Dyed mulches are usually made from Cedar. Cedar mulches take much longer to decompose than Pine mulches and, although this saves expense because it lasts longer, it also tends to go crusty and mouldy when left in gardens for a couple of years or more. The Composted Pine Mulch does not do this.

Pricing and details:

Loading: At our premises, we are able to load your pickup truck or open trailer with our Composted Pine Mulch. The price is $90 per cubic yard, loaded.

Application of mulch at your premises: Our services include loading, delivery, shovelling, wheelbarrowing, and applying mulches. If we are applying the mulch, there is generally no charge for loading and delivery. Ask us for a free consultation and quote.

Other types of mulch: If you require a type of mulch other than Composted Pine Mulch, we can collect this from a local depot and deliver it in bulk to your location.

Please contact us for pricing, as we purchase it from a local depot and is likely to vary in price from time to time.