Garden Design and Installation

We are expert, experienced garden designers. We ensure that annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs are planted in the most appropriate and artistic manner, to your specific preferences and requirements in terms of colour, height and structure.


Elements of professional garden design also include themes, such as sequential blooming, winter interest, specific placement of differing-height plants, the correct matching and contrast of bloom and foliage colours, along with many others.

Design of beds has to include ease of mowing around them. Changes in elevation, proximity to buildings, light and shade characteristics, moisture levels in soil and whether or not garden bed irrigation is present, are further considerations.

Privacy requirements, preferences for evergreens or deciduous shrubs and trees, the presence of a swimming pool, pond, patio, pathway, are all elements that should be considered when carrying out a professional garden design.


We offer free consultations within the geographical area that we service.


Some examples of our previous work, and before-and-after comparisons:


This client was unable to grow her favourite ornamental grasses and hydrangeas because there was insufficient soil depth.

Here, we built a Riverstone wall, filled the area with garden soil, and replanted the client’s grasses, replacing some that were in poor condition.



Before and After 1

Before and After 2