Lawn Improvement

Sometimes, improving your lawn just needs a few simple and inexpensive steps.


We find one of the best procedures to carry out is spring dethatching. This can be done with a metal leaf rake (plastic ones don’t seem as effective for this), held at a more vertical angle than usual, and then the lawn is aggressively raked.

This will remove all of the dead grass from last year, and from over the winter, allowing fresh grass to grow in. It’s easy to dethatch too early in the year, though. The lawn must have dried out thoroughly from the snow melt and spring showers, or the grass will be ripped out by the roots from the raking.

Beyond that, the occasional spreading of a really good quality topdressing soil, and then seeding into the soil, is a great idea. Use perennial grass seed only and water it in well. We do occasionally seed directly onto the lawn, avoiding the soil application.

This generally is effective, but the seed must be spread at a much more dense rate, as the germination rate will be lower. If there are weeds in the lawn, it’s best to apply the topdressing soil first, as this will help the grass seed to germinate and take hold quicker, hopefully spreading to the point of choking out the weeds.

We find that aeration is generally not necessary, except in high traffic areas (i.e., where the soil has been compacted from foot or vehicle traffic).


We are happy to carry out any of these procedures for you, and would be very happy to provide an estimate.