Ottawa Wholesale Christmas Trees

We are professional wholesalers of the highest quality, freshest Christmas trees. We only buy from one grower who pays great attention to the best species, as well as pruning and tree health. This gives the longest needle retention, the most stunning aroma and award-winning fullness and shape.

Wholesale Christmas Trees

Delivering trees to the Byward Market

One of our customers buys her tree from us in late November. She sets it up in her house immediately and takes it down on St Patrick’s Day!  She says our trees never lose a needle. We are constantly complimented with the aroma, shape, fullness and needle retention of our Fraser Fir trees.

In the picture on this page we are seen delivering over 100 trees to the Byward Market. These trees were not for public sale, but to be used to decorate the Market, laden with Christmas lights and decorations. These are exactly the trees which we supply to the Carp Garden Centre at 153 Donald B Munro Drive.